Q: Where can I find a hotel?

A: Many are available via the Mansfield & Richland County Tourism site

Q: If I cannot run the race can I have a refund of my race fee?
A: No.  There are no refunds or exchanges for this event.

Q: Who is the Race Director?
A: Brian and Tammy Polen of Vertical Runner

Q: Does everyone get a finisher’s medal?
A: Yes!

Q:  If I cannot pick up my packet may someone pick it up for me?
A:  Yes!  Please provide them with a copy of your drivers license or ID and  THIS FORM  We will not mail out packets.  They may only be picked up in person by you or your authorized representative.

Q: If I signed up for the race and cannot make it will you mail me my packets?

A: No. We are unable to mail packets, other than for 'virtual' participants and those who choose to have their packets mailed when registering.

Q:  Can I transfer from the actual race in Mansfield to the virtual race?
A:  Yes!  Transfers are available until the race sells out or May 1, 2017, whichever comes first.

Q:  Can I transfer from the virtual race to the actual race in Mansfield?
A:  Yes! Transfers are available until the race sells out or May 1, 2017, whichever comes first.

Q:  I registered for the virtual race.  Can I wear my bib and run in the actual race?
A:  No.  Virtual race bibs are different from the actual race.  Virtual runners who attempt to sneak in will be escorted off the course immediately by law enforcement. This event is expected to sell out. Due to our insurance limits and safety issues, we cannot permit runners above the participation limit.

Q:  How do I know if I am signed up for the race?
A:  To check if you are registered for the race in Mansfield,  or the virtual race, you can view the participant list at Click on the “details” Tab.

Q:  Will there be race day sign-ups?
A:  Yes! You will not be guaranteed a shirt, as they will be first come first served for anyone registered after June 1.

Q: Can I purchase an extra medal or race shirt?
A:  No.  These unique medals and shirts are one of a kind and are exclusive to the Shawshank Hustle.  The only way to receive these would be to purchase a race registration.

Q: How do I get my complimentary pass to tour the Ohio State Reformatory? (Mansfield participants only!)
A:  All runners will receive a ticket on their race bib that will grant this access to the Reformatory. However, if you desire to avoid the race day crowds, you may use your bib tab for admission for any day through the 2017 season.

Q: Where are results?
A: will have results posted, live from the race site. After the race, you can also find them at

Q: I left before the awards ceremony. Can you mail me my award?
A: We do not mail awards.

What is virtual registration? A 'virtual race' allows participants to run/walk anywhere. We trust you, so you do not need to send proof of your accomplishment. We would love to see pictures, though! With virtual registration, participants will receive the same swag and finisher's medal as those actually visiting the race site. Those items will be mailed to the participants approximately 1 week prior to the race.

Why would I want to race virtually? Participants have many reasons for running/walking virtually. Some can't make it to the race, but would like to participate the charity and others really want the cool swag that goes along with the race, but don't want to spend the extra to travel. While participating virtually, you can run, walk, skip or cartwheel the entire race. No one will judge you but your neighbors!

Inclimate Weather Policy : The Shawshank Hustle puts the safety of its participants, spectators, staff and volunteers first. Dangerous weather conditions pose a unique challenge to an event is size. We have adopted the following Inclement Weather Policy:

Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to the event, with special attention placed on the possibility of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds and extreme temperatures. If necessary, athletes will be made aware of these conditions and possible dangers which could result on the  Shawshank Hustle website (, as well as through other means of communication such as e-mail, Facebook and public address announcements.

The Race Director and Medical Director, in consultation with law enforcement, fire/EMS and other officials, will monitor the weather and make a decision if any action will be taken to modify the race. Possible changes include: Altering the start time or in extreme situations, cancellation of the event. Visible lightning will cause the race to be postponed for a minimum of 30 minutes. Additional sightings will continue to delay the race in 30-minute increments.

If extremely high heat and humidity is predicted, extra water will be provided to the athletes, both prior to, during and after the event. The medical team will be alerted that athletes may require additional medical attention during and after the event due to these conditions. If it is felt that it is unsafe for participants to start the race due to severe temperatures and humidity, the race may be cancelled.‚Äč

Race personnel reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to inclement weather. Participants must abandon the race if ordered to do so by the race personnel, medical staff, fire or police personnel.

Are there any ghost hunt type attractions? Yes, please visit